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Commercial Register:
Amtsgericht Hamburg, Abteilung B, No. 20408
County Court Hamburg, Division B, No. 20408

Core business:
Insurance and Reinsurance Services Worldwide

Pantaenius Holding GmbH is the Sole Corporate Shareholder.
Hanse-Marine Versicherung is a Member of the Pantaenius Group

Foundation Date:

Fiscal Year/ Report Frequency:  
January 1st to December 31st / Annually

Supervisory Board:

Wilfried Krauth (Chairman), Bartholomäberg

Daniel Baum (Vice-Chairman.), Member of the Management Board Pantaenius Holding GmbH, Hamburg

Christian von Schlippe, Hamburg


Management Board:

Helmut Parche, Wedel

Gösta Dosse, Hamburg



Deutsche Bank AG, Hamburg,
IBAN DE72 2007 0000 0511 5803 00

Structure of Capital:
Authorised, Allotted, Issued and Fully Paid Capital of € 5.000.000,00 Divided into 2.777 No Par Shares

Association Membership:
Member of Gesamtverband der Deutschen
Versicherungswirtschaft e.V. (GDV)(General Association of German Insurers)

Financial Supervision:
Bundesanstalt für Finanzdienstleistungen (BaFin)
(German Federal Financial Supervisory Authority)

Tax No.:
Purchase Tax-ID: DE 81 51 33 111